Professional kiln equipment

Professional kiln equipment

Set scientific research, manufacturing, installation, service in one of the environmental protection and energy saving furnace industry pioneer

Zhongya Kiln

Zhongya Kiln

Innovation, environmental protection and energy saving, create brilliant

Specializing in the production of tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, sanitary ware tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln comprehensive service manufacturers, business involved in building sanitary ceramics, daily ceramics, rare earth chemical, refractory materials, honeycomb ceramics, brick and other industries

Application Area

Sanitary Ware Industry

Sanitary ware is an important component of plumbing equipment inside buildings

Rare earth metallurgy industry

Mining, selection, sintering of metal ores and their smelting and processing into metallic materials

Daily ceramic industry

An important component of the ceramic industry, focusing on the production of various ceramic products for daily use.

Refractory materials industry

Refractory materials are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, mechanical manufacturing, silicates, power, etc

Brick and tile industry

The brick and tile industry is an important component of the building materials industry, mainly including common red bricks, hollow bricks, floor tiles, etc.

Architectural ceramics industry

Ceramic tiles, colored porcelain particles, ceramic pipes, etc. are divided into coarse ceramics, fine ceramics, semi ceramics, and porcelain based on the material of the product

Time of establishment


Domestic market share

85 %

R & D Patent

30 +

Cooperation customers

200 +


Central Asian kilns have a global reputation

Hubei Huanggang Zhongya Kiln And Furnace Co., a vice director company of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association with a development history of more than twenty years,a provincial high and new technology enterprise with a professional qualification of kiln construction contracting,obtains quality management system certification of IS0900l and many kiln patent technologies,it is a professional and integrated kiln company with research,design,fabrication,installation,commissioning and after-sale service The business covers many industries including sanitary ceramic,table ware.rare carth,chemical industry refractory material,honeyeomb ceramies and tile industry.Zhongya Kiln company always adheres development idea of the demand is a guide and the innovation is for development,upholds work tenet of the customer is the god,the technology is advanced,unity,seek the fact and enlerprise spirit of self conlidence,honesty,sincerity,innovation,contrives a series of domestic advanced kiln of low energy consumption,cooperating with South China university of technology,Wuhan university of technology and Jingdezhen Ceramic institute and analyzing domestic industry actual condition when assimilate eonstantly advanced technology and experiences foreign kiln in the development.The kiln for sanitary ware is our primary produet,our tunnel kiln and shuttle kilin of wide-section,light,big product capacity,cnergy-save are used by many top brand sanitary ware manufacturer such as Kohler.Roca Toto,Hluida,Jomoo,Arrow,Dongpeng,Huayi,SSww,Monarch,Country Garden,Joyou,Sunlot,get a high approve and widely praise.Our kilns are also exported to Vietnam,Malaysia,Saudi Arabia,india,Peru,Angola.Turkmenistan and so on.There are many chances and challenges to face the future,Zhongya Kiln will innovate constantly and supply good quality,high active,energy-save and modern kiln to the customers in a new situation.Do the industry pioneer,make friends ofmanufacturer.Zhongya Kiln warmly welcomes you to visit our project and cooperate with us,advancing and developing together.




The 10th Executive Council of the 8th China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association and the 2024 President's Meeting were held

On June 19, 2024, the 10th Executive Council of the 8th China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association and the 2024 President's Meeting were held in Guangzhou. The theme of the conference is "Extending the Industrial Value Chain and Developing New Quality Productivity".


Structural improvement of gas tunnel kiln

Generally speaking, the sintering reaction of the products in the tunnel kiln is subtly affected by the temperature and atmosphere in the kiln, but as far as the tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln are concerned, when the width of the kiln is wide, the gas circulation in the kiln is easy to change, and the atmosphere in the kiln is uneven, and the temperature in the kiln is also uneven, so it is easy to produce unqualified products. Sometimes, the shape of the billet and the density of the kiln will also hinder the flow of gas in the kiln, and it is difficult to homogenize the atmosphere and temperature of each zone in the kiln. In response to the above situation,... The tunnel kiln has been modified. Under the condition of proper use of fuel, the cross section of the kiln and the atmosphere and temperature of each zone remain uniform. The measures adopted in the technical reform of tunnel kiln are as follows: the upper burner and the lower burner are set relative to each other on the two side walls of the kiln body, and the upper and lower burner is equipped with an air injection volume adjustment device that regulates the contact position of the ejecting gas phase and can move horizontally and reciprocally.


Tunnel kiln has some advantages

Tunnel kiln is a common industrial furnace, from the development of more than 200 years of history, tunnel kiln belongs to a continuous kiln. The tunnel kiln has a series of advantages compared with the old intermittent inverted flame kiln.


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